What is PPE and Why is it Necessary?

What is PPE and Why is it Necessary?

In various industries across the country, it is incredibly important to manage the risks that employees face on a daily basis. This means that you need to do everything in your control to ensure that they have a safe working environment, with control measures in place to minimise possible risks arising from machinery, materials, and other workplace hazards. One of these control measures is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and, in various workplaces, employees are legally required to wear PPE. In this post we’ll take a quick look at what PPE is and why it is necessary for your business.


PPE covers anything a worker can wear or use to protect themselves, falling under the following:

  • Head protection such as hard hats that protect from falling debris
  • Hand protection such as safety gloves to protect the wearer from hot or toxic surfaces
  • Ear plugs that help to prevent hearing damage
  • Goggles or other forms of protective eyewear that help to enhance sight, and protect the eyes from smoke or fumes; and
  • Face masks that should be worn in areas where the air is contaminated or contains other irritants.

Depending on the risk presented in a particular situation, wearing a combination of these items might be necessary.


While PPE should never act as the primary form of protection, it still is a crucial part of managing risk in the workplace. The Australian Workplace Health and Safety Regulations dictate that businesses should always work through a hierarchy of risk control measures leading up to implementing PPE. PPE should then be introduced as an interim measure and as a form of back up, in the rare case that any of your other implemented risk control measures fail.


PPE is incredibly important in the workplace and provided it is well made and fits the wearer properly, it can make all the difference between a lucky escape and an unfortunate accident. The health and wellbeing of your workforce should always be a priority and PPE is the failsafe that can give you added peace of mind.

Before selecting PPE, you should consult your risk managers and workforce and ask them about their needs. This important step will ensure you choose solutions that are comfortable and practical in every situation, and work well when used in conjunction with each other.

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