How do I order Vinyl Heat Transfers?

1. If this is your first time ordering vinyl heat transfer you will need purchase an Initial Logo Setup (Vinyl Transfer)Within this product you will be given the option to upload your artwork file. This setup covers the process of transferring your artwork into the appropriate file format for our specialised production equipment and saving it in our system for future orders. If you are only ordering Vinyl Sports Numbers you will not need to purchase a logo set up. Please note that Embroidery set up's do not apply to Vinyl Transfer orders.

2. Once you have added the Initial Logo Setup (Vinyl Transfer) please select one of the following Vinyl Transfer products listed below.

- Multi Colour Vinyl Transfer. If your logo/artwork has more than one colour this is the product you will need to add to your cart.

- Single Colour Vinyl Transfer. If your logo/artwork is only a single colour this is the product you will need to add to your cart.

- Reflective Silver Vinyl Transfer. This option is mostly used for Hi Visibility applications. 

3. Choose from the product options provided to specify the positioning of artwork and quantity desired. Additional notes may be added in the notes panel if you wish to clarify specific details about your artwork. Please make use of this if you have multiple garment styles in your order so we know which garments to add your artwork to.