Embroidery File Policy

Embroidery File Policy

OnlineWorkwear is committed to providing high-quality embroidery services for our clients, ensuring satisfaction and compliance with industry standards. This policy outlines our stance on the ownership and distribution of embroidery digital files, specifically DST (Data Stitch Tajima) and EMB (Wilcom Embroidery) files, which are utilised in the embroidery process of our products.

Policy Statement

OnlineWorkwear retains exclusive ownership of all digital embroidery files, including but not limited to DST and EMB files, that are created and used in the decoration of products for our clients. These files are proprietary and constitute an integral part of our embroidery operations and intellectual property.

As such, OnlineWorkwear is unable to supply, share, or transfer any DST or EMB files, or any other related embroidery decoration files, to clients or any third parties. These files remain the property of OnlineWorkwear and are crucial to maintaining the quality, consistency, and integrity of our brand and services.


This policy applies to all OnlineWorkwear employees, contractors, and clients engaging in the creation, commission, or purchase of embroidered products from OnlineWorkwear.


Under no circumstances shall DST, EMB, or any embroidery decoration files created by OnlineWorkwear be supplied, shared, or transferred to any external parties. Exceptions to this policy may only be made under extraordinary circumstances and require written approval from management within OnlineWorkwear.


Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all employees and contractors of OnlineWorkwear. Any requests from clients or external parties for access to DST, EMB, or any embroidery decoration files must be politely declined and referred to this policy.

Policy Review and Amendment

This policy is subject to review and amendment at the discretion of OnlineWorkwear's management team to reflect changes in technology, industry practices, or the operational needs of the company.

Contact Information

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